Digital die-cutting machine, automatic reticular creasing and laser cutting, modular in B3, B2, B1 sizes. Equipped with a pallet feeder with barcode recognition system, which starts the continuous and non-stop programming of the entire subsequent working process.

  1. To automate the die-cutting process and make it dynamic, fluid, flexible and smart
    without any stops among different jobs.
  2. The new working model eliminates the number of processing steps and costs,
    making micro-runs (1 sheet), medium-runs and, in some cases, even large runs,
  3. Limitless possibility of graphic solutions that allow offering new, unique and high
    quality products with a wide choice of materials and thicknesses.
  4. Flexibility in orders handling.
  5. Able to handle requests ranging from sampling to quantity production with the same machine.
  6. Reduction in processing steps and costs (dies, settings, etc.). Machine and process management do not require paper converting skills. Qualified
    personnel (graphic designers, typesetters, etc. ….) work from the office.
  7. Four standard machines available and possibility of tailor-made configurations.