Once products undergoing printing and ennobling processes (UV varnish coating, laminating, customization, etc ..) finish these processes, they must be transformed into individual finished products. Therefore they need to be taken one by one out of the printed sheet (die-cutting) and then be sent to folding and gluing processes.
These processes are required for the closure of cases and boxes in general, to assemble the parts of a countertop or floor display, to make cases, envelopes and bags of various kinds. Gluing can be performed manually or with the help of special gluing machines. For standard boxes and cases, folding gluing machines allow high hourly production. The most common gluing operations are carried out with vinyl cold glues, while epoxy resins (hot-melt) are applied at high temperature for special jobs.


The range of folding gluing equipments is really wide because production needs are many. For large runs (millions of pieces per day), machines with a very high production speed (80/100,000 copies per hour) are required with feeding and delivery systems suitable for these quantities.
The idea of choosing Metro folding gluing machine is linked to the possibility of creating high quality products at an automatic high speed. The machine has an affordable price compared to a traditional machine and gives the possibility of creating a versatile and modular configuration: several different folding and gluing jobs can be processed even for small / medium runs (which is impossible with a traditional folding gluing machine due to makeready times).

Metro line Folder Gluer



Modular machines in which attachments can be manually added as users requirements grow and change: in this way production needs can be expanded and variety of jobs and productivity increased.

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Three different feeders for a single folding gluing machine line. For those customers with specific needs, who experience feeding problems due to irregular shapes, light stocks and big dimensions. All the three machines can run independently and feed other production lines.




They are modular tables that can be connected to Metro or Mini Metro basic models. They can support heavier attachments that require a longer and more complex makeready. With these tables it is possible to perform creasing operations, in-line circular perforations or even a 90° deviation in the production phase.


These attachments are equipped with an independent programming, and they help attach and tip in flat objects (credit cards, business cards, CDs, liquid samples etc) and 3D objects (make up, keys, pills, candies, nail enamel bottles, coffee capsules, etc). It is also possible to install these devices on third party’s machineries.




From a simple collecting table to the most technologically advanced deliveries, such as the shingle delivery with pressure roller, or the double delivery with two belts running at different speeds.


Devices for the production of crash lock boxes, simplified pre-breaking ploughs, pressing devices for cold-glued boxes.

Tape Applicators


These devices can apply either double-sided adhesive tape, silicone tape or tear strip. They can be used with other machines (folding gluing machines, vacuum belts, etc) and be equipped with an independent programming system.

Geco 160



Semi automatic machine for the application of double-sided adhesive tape. It can support up to 6 applicators at the same time.


Automatic machine for the application of double-sided adhesive tape through applicators. Sheets are fed with a belt feeder.